It’s time to action the steering

Games for girls are accompanied by the constant action of the plot and belong to the category of action games. In the modern world, girls and boys swing their roles and the boundaries between male and female games swept away. Girls can enjoy a wide range of applications of this kind of entertainment, because for them Internet is a huge storehouse of virtual life possibilities.

The idea of ​​games for girls is rather strange and possess streamlined concept. Typically, developers do not divide the audience into boys and girls and provide the game that should appeal to everyone. If the game has a great action plot it usually appeals to anyone regardless of gender. So, there are many girls who enthusiastically play League of Legends or Battlefield.

However, it is undeniable that women have more subtle mental organization, and therefore, some of the topics will be closer and more understandable to them. Certain technical characteristics and the quality of performance may impress even those girls who are barely interested in the gaming industry. Here there are three outstanding games for girls who want to try their hand at action.

Alice Madness Returns

This is a dark modern fairy tale with grown-up Alice who lost her parents during the fire trying to cope with emotional trauma. To do this, she returns to Wonderland, which is once again trying to capture evil. In contrast to the first part, the game has a surprisingly nice design and an interesting story that echoes the classic fairy tale making the story the best three-dimensional action platformer.

Life is Strange

Life is the strange thing. The main character is an ordinary schoolgirl realizing clearly that she has an opportunity to manipulate time. At times, this ability only brings problems and makes life difficult. This is an interactive movie with a dramatic story on one hand, but on the other, it carries mysticism and detective story. And the story possesses a lot of action around the leading characters.

Blood and Soul

Already on the first trailer for the game it became apparent that the project is doomed to success. After all, the game has been developed not by some strange brand, but by the company that manufactured the Lineage 2 and Aion. These guys certainly know how to make the game popular.

There are four classes in the game. Skills seem to be very exciting. The game is pretty much different from all currently existing actions and promises to gain in popularity due to combat system and breathtaking leaps in the style of the film “Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon”. Players can just run around trees, saggy rocks or even fly breaking all conceivable laws of physics.

This action game is primarily designed for girls. The developers offer the fluffy kitten with huge eyes and no less cute little mouse. Every girl will be able to introduce her own personality into the game to make it complicated and lively.


More Girls Are Playing Games in the UK

British scientists have found that stereotypes about boys playing with cars and girls playing with dolls are no longer alive. British girls tend to become more compelling today, and are even involved into popular online and action games typical for boys. It is no wonder now when a little British girl is shooting on the computer or winning the furious race. All these things about dress up, coloring, make-up and games about Barbie, Brats, and other dolls went away.

In the era of iPad and computer games, manufacturers named Lego the best toy of all times even for girls in Britain. Sounds unusual, isn’t it? This information about Lego comes from British newspaper Daily Express, and can be proven by the fact that pupils at Great Smeaton Primary North Yorkshire built Lego structure in the “day of fun” together with their teachers. 58 students and school staff have built 8 blocks of Lego City, who took the whole classroom, and even had its own lighting. This is amazing that the girls took part in the process on a par with boys.

Urban communities and team games are paying a lot of attention in the British society. Thus, the girls can be involved in team games and various kinds of live researches at the lessons. Monopoly is no longer the game for boys. It occupies the second place according to the popularity among British girls. The third position belongs to famous Barbie dolls and playing cards.

Professor of experimental physics at Cambridge University Athene Donald named children’s toys one of the factors for British girls showing less interest in scientific careers than boys. It is reported by The Guardian. As mentioned in the newspaper, girls are provided with some typically female role models, and they are supposed to perform this role of good mother, loving wife and devoted woman in any life situation. However, there are some slight doubts about the rightness of this stereotype.

According to Professor Donald, interest to sciences is developed in early childhood. At the age of 13 pupils clearly understand what things they do not want to study. “Toys for girls make them play passively, without any additional enthusiasm. For example, the process of combing Barbie’s hair is extremely passive. They are not motivated to use their imagination. When the girl is playing Lego, she develops her imagination. If the British girls always play with dolls, reproducing the stereotypical female chores how can they imagine themselves chemists or engineers? ”

The professor pointed out the strong differences in the vocabulary used in the advertising of toys for girls and boys in Britain. In general, the products for boys are often described with the words “power” and “battle”, but and in the advertising of goods for girls the emphasis comes on words “magic” and “love.” “I’m not a fan of fights, but, in my opinion, it is important that girls can behave actively in some situations. Online shooters and virtual fighting is sometimes good “, – she claimed.